Power, Lighting & Heating for Marquees

Buchannan has a dedicated Power Department. Our team will install power generation and distribute throughout the marquee, providing power points where you need them.

Create a mood with special effect lighting to enhance your venue. Ranging from basic uplighting, part or full starcloth lighting, pin spots, exterior lighting, through to mirror balls and decorative lighting.

Climate control throughout the year, with robust industrial heating and cooling systems, finger tip controls from inside the marquee for easy management.



Generator Hire

Gener8 is our own dedicated power supply company who can supply generators for all types of private and corporate event as well as for private and industry use when a temporary solution is required to address a power failure or when a back-up is required to the mains supply. The Gener8 Hire team will assess your requirements, install power generation and distribute the power to where it is needed.


Petrol Generators and Diesel Generators for Hire

With the latest technology built-in, all our sets are encased in an acoustic canopy to provide ‘silent’ running. With built-in fuel tanks, our sets are ready to use from the moment they’re delivered.


Requirements for Generator Hire

We can advise on what size set you will need, providing you know the maximum current draw you require in amps or kilowatts.


Refuelling a Petrol or Diesel Generator

For extended and longer term hire period, you may need to consider refuelling. Gener8 Hire can provide a full refuelling service to site or connect the generator to a large bunded fuel tank. All tanks fully comply with BS799 Part 5 Type111/JPPG2 regulations.

Generator Transport

All sets and equipment can be delivered and collected from site – either trailer based or offloaded to ground level and a position of your choice.

Generator Distribution

We stock a vast range of cables, distribution boards and related equipment which you will need to help you set up on site. Part of our all inclusive service includes set-up and power management of all a client’s event requirements.